A WINNER’s Guide to Coachella

Congratulations to Anthony Fitzgerald who SMOKED the competition in our Coachella Weekender giveaway. He’ll be joining KCRW along with Music Loves Fashion next weekend at The Saguaro in the Palm Springs!

Here is his entry!

Coachella Guide for Beginners (& Everyone else)

Hydration, Sunscreen, Sunglasses and CASH.
If you’re going in a group, forget the use of cellphones. When separating from the group don’t plan on calling one another or texting. Set a physical location at a specific time. I HIGHLY suggest you set multiple times because at 5pm, after you’ve worked your ass off to get to the front of the crowd the last thing anyone wants to do is meet at the giant stick thing and miss the act you fought so hard to see up close! This will give your group multiple times to get back together, trust me on this one.

Don’t get pissed off if you’re not at the very front, you’ll be able to hear the music and after all… this is all about the music (right?). The Arctic Monkey’s will throw a drum stick into the crowd and maybe, just maybe if you’re far away enough, you’ll catch it. Hankies and Hoe’s don’t go as far, so you might want to be close if you’re hoping to catch anything, including a contact high from Snoop Dogg.

Take advantage of the give-backs COACHELLA offers ie instead of complaining about the cost of water, do the earth (and the rest of us) a favor - pick up ten used water bottles and bring them into the recycling/trade in center for a free bottle!! Also, in between waiting for M83, after Rapture plays go visit some of the kiosks, they’re always giving out free stuff and face it, around 930 you probably need a little bit of a breather. (but only for 5 minutes, get back to partying!) PACE YOURSELF, no one likes the look of puke, grass and sadness.

If you’re going to buy merch - do it on the first day, get it out of the way b/c that shirt your really wanted will be gone - everybody really wanted it.

Must See’s:
Florence + the Machine, Gotye, Justice, Azealia Banks, Explosions in the Sky, Girls and the obvious - Radiohead, Black Keys, Bon Iver etc etc etc

Get over the hate for Coachella. If you haven’t been, then you just don’t understand. Now that that is out of the way, HAVE FUN! If you’re watching from a far (twitter, facebook, youtube) don’t be jealous, you’ll get to go next year.

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